I gave Tumblr a go since it’s super duper easy but I guess it’s just a little bit too easy.

Some things that made me leave tumblr:

  • Bogus search results. Searching for “css” on tumblr: 0 results. Searching through the same, imported, posts on posterous: 4 results. It’s really broken.
  • Very limited browsability. On tumblr, you can not browse posts through tags, in fact, you can’t see a list of all tags used.

Some things I will miss:

  • The admin GUI, clean and optimized for quick publishing. This actually concerns all of the tumblr UI, great work
  • The bookmarklet, it’s great
  • Getting an email response for each support question after a couple of hours tops (still waiting for a couple of responses @ posterous)
  • The themes
  • A pure markdown setting

… hopefully I’ll be staying at posterous for a while, otherwise I guess it’s wordpress’ turn.